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Excel Reporting | Excel Dashboards

Excel Reporting and RollupSheets

Excel has inherent failure points, in-depth reporting in Excel often requires some level of technical skills and sometimes even coding skills. Even best case scenarios of Excel Reporting use templates which only partially meed the requirements and are complex and time consuming to customise. RollupSheets is designed for the accounting, reporting, tax reporting, IFRS reporting and other Accountant/Financial Officer/Managerial requirements in mind, it integrates with the best Excel has to offer while simplifying and exceeding the reporting characteristics of Excel. Create your ideal reporting dashboards to replace your excel dashboards and simplify your overview and drilldown views of your company.

The Excel Dilemma

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Excel is one of the world’s greatest “free” desktop tools. For analysing numbers in a static dataset it is nearly impossible to beat. When managing a business or a group of businesses the process involves collaboration of people, multiple processes and reporting such as Statutory Reporting, Budgeting, Forecasting and Dashboarding etc., spreadsheets are not the ideal solution.

RollupSheets recognises the inherent “Good, Bad & the Ugly” when using Spreadsheets as a data collection, consolidation and reporting solution and addresses these challenges in a simple, user friendly and rapidly deployable manner, that brings spreadsheets, databases and accountants into harmony. 


Excel limitations in a nutshell:


Excel is delicate and sensitive to user input, people can easily change formula’s, links and delete rows, columns,
cells leading to serious formula corruption and severe miscalculations.  This can lead to errors in reporting information which can
be difficult to trace and correct.

“Information overload”

It is a known fact that it’s a real tough job to get operational data into excel, even if you’ve spent hours exporting and importing
TB and other system data, changes happen regularly…Surely there’s an easier way?  Importing data is simple with RollupSheets
comprehensive data importing and exchange tools and processes.

“Currency Shmurency”

Spreadsheets are annoying enough when dealing on one currency and fiscal system. When a business has to take multiple currencies
and exchange fluctuations, consolidations, forecasting and budgeting reporting activities step smack-bang into a new “world of complexity”.
Rollupsheets financial reporting is able to handle currencies and other common problems with ease.

“Roll with the punches”

Using spreadsheets for consolidation is a big pain. Most finance professionals quiver at the prospect of wasting weeks of consolidating as little
as 10+ operational plans into a single master plan. Even more challenging is trying to prepare a rolling forecast!!!
RollupSheets is Consolidation, made simple, reliable and efficient.

“Danny Did’it”

When you have more than 5 people updating a spread sheet, it becomes an impossibility to pin point
where, when, who and what changes have been made. Audit trails…no chance?
RollupSheets has full and comprehensive change tracking and complete multiuser environments.


So much time is wasted on using spreadsheets beyond their initial intended use and design limitations. Financial professionals haven’t acquired
accounting degrees to waste half their time and precious energy on collecting and consolidating spreadsheets. Their input is most valued in
honing their analytical skills ultimately leading to better informed strategic business decisions.  Creating comprehensive dashboards in Excel is a
complicated process requiring technical skills and often leads to 'good enough' rather than exactly what you need.

“Time Travel”

Spreadsheets are not suitable for “real-time data”, they can only ever provide a historical snapshot
of the numbers at a single point in time, usually of the past.  A good dashboard should be able to show data in real-time

“Big Picture”

Excel is various things, it is however not a Management Information System. It can however be used for analytics which are internally focused.
But when it comes to Senior Managers and Departmental Managers who wish to run their own reports and create dashboards to view
actual performance against forecast performance, Excel is unfortunately not your ally.  RollupSheets has comprehensive reporting
and business information (BIS) reporting designed from the ground up to give you the 'big picture' as well as everything in between.


Excel is so two dimensional, for example measuring profitability per product line, but if you want all users to model the
impact of 5% pay increase to a single department 
+ impact on every other department and measure the P&L,
Cash Flow and Balance Sheet impact, excel is definitely not your friend. Think hard and carefully before…Don’t do it!