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Frequently Asked Questions

RollupSheets is specifically designed with the Financial Accountant, Manager and Director in mind. To us here at RollupSheets this means that RollupSheets enables the Financial expert to simply collate consolidate and communicate by applying his/her financial experience and expertise within the RollupSheets system/solution.  

Who is best suited to use RollupSheets for Consolidation?
“All multi-tiered Organisations, with centralised (ERP) or disparate and de-centralised accounting systems who aggregate and or consolidate financial and other statistical information across various cost centres, business units, reporting levels, users, regions and countries. “
What can RollupSheets be used for?
What is the typical duration of a RollupSheets implementation?
What bandwidth is required to report on RollupSheets?
What training is required to report on RollupSheets?
What software/hardware and infrastructure is required to use RollupSheets?
When is the best time to implement RollupSheets?
What technical proficiency is required to implement RollupSheets?