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Going Global

Mobile devices and computer capabilities from the early 2000s through to now continue to allow people and business to think, act and work globally. This has resulted in a move by the accounting sector to implement accounting standards that are standardised around the world.

Here financial managers are realising the importance of opting for solutions that have the capacity to seamlessly consolidate data from a number of different sources and systems in order to standardise data and the way it is presented in the most simple and cost-effective manner. In other words it’s a case of RollupSheets to the rescue yet again!

Choosing the right tool for the job!

Go simple and cost-effective

Operating in a global environment ultimately requires investment in some sort of consolidation solution. But what exactly should financial managers include on their financial consolidation solution wish list?

Ideally the consolidation solution should be rapidly deployable, self-maintainable, scalable, require limited IT infrastructure, require little to no training for end users, as well as enable the swift incorporation existing report templates.

So is there a solution that fits the bill?

Finally a solution to fit the size and complexity of any organisation

RollupSheets is used for financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and statistical and business analysis.

It is currrently used by several listed entities, large businesses and/or businesses that have multiple cost centres or business units or that need to report on data from disparate sources and or with any reporting complexity.

With RollupSheets you automate and centrally manage your data collection, consolidation and distribution of reporting packs. It has amazing ‘drill-down’ capability and report writing and analysis couldn’t get any easier.

In addition you can seamlessly import your actuals from your existing ERP system, post journals between accounts or even cost centres and simply manage access between users or cost centres. Your data is also locked down in a secure database as you roll forward into new periods.

RollupSheets now also caters for the digital publication/extraction of financial reports based on standards such as XBRL.

To find out more about RollupSheets, sms “RS” to 31771 and we’ll call you for a 60 minute introductory session or visit for more information